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Contact informations of the film score composer Arnaud Drieu | Feature films, shows, trailers, short films, series, documentaries

What I love in my work as film score composer

I love to create the concept of the music. This is a really exciting part. It starts by many conversations with the filmmaker. As my role is to compose the original music for the film, it is crucial to understand what the film is. Not only what it seems to be. Beyond that, what it really means to the director. Most of the times, the cut alone does not reflect the full vision of the director on its own. Creating the concept of the music is about finding the general tone, developing some original music language, forecasting how the music will later work along the movie. This is the time to make some experimentations, some researches. Out of the picture, it is easier to unleash the creative ideas and see where they lead. This part of the process influences the rest of the composition in a dramatic way.

Working remotely with a score composer on a film project

With the advent of modern tools, all the work can be done remotely. The film score composer, the director and the other members of the team can be in different parts of the world, and in sync on the project, via internet calls, video files sharing, screen sharing. While meeting around a drink or an event cannot be replaced, the core of the collaboration is a seamless process over internet. I am based in Paris, France, and use to collaborate with filmmakers all over the world, might it be in the USA, in Europe, Asia or Australia.

Differences between a score and a soundtrack

Score is generally used to define the custom music created for a film. The film composer, or named film score composer is the person in charge of its creation. The soundtrack corresponds to the music that is released after the film, as an album on CD, vinyl or digital release. The soundtrack can include the score music. But also the licensed music for the film, like songs or classical pieces. It happens that the score is released on a separate album tagged like “original score”. And the songs, or other sourced musics on an album tagged “Music from the motion picture”. The film score composer is in charge of the score, not of the other music tracks.

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