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Here is a selection of projects I did. Click a picture to get the details.



La Derniere Note


Directed by Romain Pacaud

Genre : Horror, Drama

Duration : 30 min

Logline : A woman subject to night terrors tries to get rid of them, with the help of a therapist. The hypnosis sessions will not turned as expected.

The quote of the director

"The music plays a vital part in the overall feel of the film."

Impressions of the director

Arnaud is a composer who has successfully created the music to accompany perfectly the setting of my film : La Dernière Note. Arnaud was completely onboard and immersed since the birth of the project even though this is our very first collaboration together. We exchanged knowledge, sharing artistic opinions and views. We made mutual decisions regarding the music used within the film. Arnaud wanted to make sure he stayed true to the overall vibe of the film and gave La Dernière Note his special touch. The music plays a vital part in the overall feel of the film.

Romain Pacaud

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