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Here is a selection of projects I did. Click a picture to get the details.





Directed by Shawn Eric Jones

Genre : Period drama

Duration : 6 min

Logline : synopsis

The quote of the director

"Arnaud captured the emotion of the film just as I had imagined."

Impressions of the director

Working with Arnaud was one of the most rewarding creative relationships in my career. He is a true collaborator in the sense that he's not interested in being the loudest voice in the room, or in being a pushover, but is willing to have long and winding conversations in order to finalize on the right creative decisions. While his talent for composition is remarkable, I believe his true skill is his ability to focus on scoring the scene, rather than showing off his immense skill. If you're looking to work with a reliable composer who has to offer both flexibility and firmness, then I can think of no one to recommend other than Arnaud.

Shawn Eric Jones

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